Windy Tutii (VP of Credit Underwriting)

windy-tutii-quick-pay-fundingWindy Tutii is Vice President of Credit and Underwriting for Quickpay Funding, LLC. Windy is responsible for establishing the credit underwriting procedures and applying sound business decisions to support our clients. As a risk manager, she has developed the ability to adapt in high pressure situations and respond quickly. Windy is no stranger to the factoring and transportation industries, having spent 9 years in Documentation, Client Credit, and Operations and over 5 years of direct transportation experience. Throughout her career in factoring, transportation, and management, Windy has learned the importance of hands on underwriting and working directly with our clients to manage risk and support portfolio growth.

Windy is pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree and holds a Financial Statement Analysis & Management Certificate from UCSD. She has participated in industry training seminars and conferences and traveled throughout the country to meet with clients and customers. Outside of work Windy volunteers at the San Diego Humane Society in Carlsbad, California where she helps abandoned animals. Originally from the beautiful island of Palau, Windy resides in San Diego California.