The Only 24hr Invoice Factoring Service (Open Now)

Quickpay Funding announces the launching of first-in-the-industry 24-7 factoring services that helps Small Businesses in various industries.

Quickpay Funding, LLC announced today the launching of a first-in-class feature that will help promote the growth of small and mid-sized companies throughout the country. This service offering greatly expands Quickpay Funding’s already strong value proposition for small business owners in Transportation, Distribution, Produce, Services, Marine, Cross Border Trade, and other industries. Quickpay Funding clients benefit greatly by having access to immediate funds on a 24-7 basis nationwide. They will selectively offer these services to their clientele, allowing them to take advantage of profitable business opportunities. By doing so, Quickpay Funding takes a major step forward and raises the standard of service in the factoring industry.

Starting March 1st, Quickpay Funding will purchase invoices and process fundings round-the-clock, fund 50% fuel advances for all approved freight carriers for a small flat fee, process supplier payments for approved distributors, provide 100% bilingual service in English & Spanish, issue debtor credit approvals, provide system access & reporting, complete carrier packages (for clients in transportation), and receive new client applications. These features are being offered in order to facilitate our client’s business growth and encourage commerce in a fast changing environment.

“Quickpay Funding is very proud to be the first factoring company in the industry to offer these feature nationwide. We listened to our clients, prospects, and partners. Our primary goal is to provide innovative funding solutions to underserved industry segments, including the fast growing Hispanic market in the USA.” “We believe in aligning our products and services with the working capital needs of the small business owners, entrepreneurs, carriers, and business operators”. “The transportation, produce, and distribution industries go into a heavy season during this time of year. We looked at the service levels being offered to companies in these industries and realized it was the right time to offer more features and expand the service hours to help our clients in these industries”, says Quickpay Funding’s President and CEO Juan G. Estrada.

“This is is a perfect time of the year for us to offer these services to our clients. We understand the need for our clients to have immediate availability of funds in a 24-7 basis in this global economy that keeps rolling”. “A small carrier can’t really wait until the next day to get funded nor can a small distributor pass-up on product opportunities that arise around the clock”. “We believe in offering industry leading products and services to all our clients and our 24-7 service feature definitely places Quickpay Funding far and above the rest of the factoring industry. With the growth of eCommerce and mobile connectivity, the old “banker’s hours” are a thing of the past. We recognized this and aligned our services with our client’s needs. As we all would agree, it is the companies that listen to their customers that will succeed”.