Products & Services

Quick & Easy Fundings

clock-icon-128We help provide faster payment for your open Account Receivables and unpaid invoices. We provide your business with a quick review and qualification and in most cases, our boarding process can be completed in 1 to 2 business days once the required paperwork is submitted. Our funding programs offer flexible and competitive rates, including Quickpay’s, fuel advances, and other programs to help fund your business. For clients on a cash-crunch, we offer a same-day funding service for a nominal fee.

24/7 Free Credit Checking

checked-icon-128Our 24/7 free credit checking service allows you to monitor the risks of non-payment associated with your customers. Plus, we offer you recourse and non-recourse factoring programs to help mitigate your risk and the exposure to non-payments based on your customer’s financial strength. Having our credit expertise on your side allows you to make informed decisions when taking work orders, service orders, or purchase orders from new and existing customers.

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order FundingWe offer Purchase Order funding for our factoring clients. Do you have a larger purchase order from one of your customers? Unlike other companies, we will support your needs for PO Funding and establish the letter of credit for your supplier (including direct supplier payments in some cases). We will also purchase the AR resulting from these shipments and work with you through the sales cycle to help your company grow. PO advance rates depend on the quality of your customers, supplier performance, terms of payment, type of product being shipped, and product risk.

Fuel Advances

Fuel AdvancesThis program is designed specifically for the hard working truckers, owner operators, and fleet owners that are the driving force moving the transportation industry in this country. We understand the need to provide quick funds to pay for fuel costs and other operating expenses. We take great pride in the benefits offered by our fuel advances up to 50% of the load amount with a flat fee. Our fuel advances not only allows our clients the freedom to choose how they receive their funds, but also how they can spend their money. Call us and sign up today for this excellent program!

Other Services & Discounts

savings-icon-128Our extended hours help your business stay on top of your receivables and improve your working capital. You can call us after regular hours or on Saturday to make an inquiry or find out about a funding. Our 100% fully bilingual staff is readily available to help you in English and Spanish. For our clients in the transportation industry, we offer valuable fuel discounts and services, fuel advances, and fuel cards.

A/R Billing & Collections

invoice-icon-128We help your company improve customer relationships by verifying the paperwork required for payment processing and minimizing delays from your customers. Our industry contacts and years of experience help us understand the needs of your customers and work closely with them to submit your invoices for timely payment. We understand your customer’s payment behaviors and have been dealing with thousands of customers in various industries for decades.

Client Website & Mobile Access

invoice-icon-128We offer 24/7 access to your account through our user friendly Web-site and Mobile Access. As our client, you have access to your account information at all times, including activity reports, and other features. You can create multiple users and administer the rights and authorities for each user. Powered by Cadence, our technology platform is client friendly and accessible to you with the touch of a button.

Industry Referrals and Business Resources

invoice-icon-128Through our extensive network of contacts, we compiled an impressive group of industry sources to support your business. Through our partnerships and referrals, we can make other products and services to support your goals. We will also share any industry information available and help you through the crunch times.