Fuel Advance Program

Fuel Advance FactoringQuickpay Funding’s Fuel Advance program is designed specifically for you – the hard working truckers, owner operators, and fleet owners that are the driving force behind the transportation industry. We understand your need for quick funds to pay fuel costs, taking pride in the benefits we offer. Our program not only allows our customers the freedom to choose how they receive their funds, but also how they spend their money. This program benefits you in many ways:

☑ Funds will be advanced up to 50% on the value of the verified invoice amount
☑ All paperwork, rate sheets, bill of lading or any backup submitted for fuel advances will be verified at Quickpay Funding’s discretion prior to funding
☑ Under the terms of our program, approved clients will be eligible for advances up to 50% on the net value of the invoice for one $25.00 flat fee through Fuel Card Funding. Additional fees may apply for rush processing or expedited requests
☑ Fax to 858-264-6999 or email to fueladvances@quickpayfunding.com
1. Up to 50 % of the invoice amount can be advanced (as per the rate sheet & bol)
2. Your customers must be credit approved under Quickpay Funding’s Guidelines
3. The cargo must be loaded and en-route to its final destination
4. Once a fuel advance is processed, no other advances should be taken on the load
5. After the load has been delivered, the invoice must be submitted to Quickpay Funding for factoring within 10 business days. Once we receive the invoice, we will pay off the initial fuel advance and fund you the remaining balance on the load.
[Invoice Amount]
From $0 to $2,000
$2,001 to $10,000
$10,001 and over

Flat $25 through Fuel Card Funding
1.25% on total invoice amount
Speak with your Account Executive

Fuel Advance Application

☑ Invoice paperwork that is not received within 10 business days from the date of the fuel advance will be placed in default. Additional/late fees will apply.
☑ We offer this program in good faith and with the best intentions to help you. Late paperwork on repeated occasions will place your account in default.
☑ Quickpay Funding retains the right to withdraw any client from the program at anytime.